Monteverdi Madrigals
Cape Consort

Selected Madrigals CD cover
Claudio Monteverdi: Selected Madrigals
mucavi records, 2012

Madrigals from Books 6, 7 and 8
interspersed with instrumental music by Kapsperger, Bassano, Frescobaldi

R 150,- / € 18,-
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The Cape Consort, an ensemble of singers with varying period instrument accompaniment, is fast establishing itself as the leading South Africa early music ensemble. Performing exclusively on period instruments the group is spearheading the introduction of historically informed performance practice into South African concert halls, as well as striving for a unique adaptation of this approach in the multicultural South African context.

The current recording results from the consort's Monteverdi Project at the Fugard Theatre in Cape Town. Interpreting Baroque madrigals as an essentially dramatic form, the group presents its first CD with a most spirited and boisterous rendition of these ancient, but by now once again well-known and well-loved musical miniatures.

The disc contains a bonus video-track which features an animated translation of one of the madrigals.

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