maFynbos calling
Ensemble Refugium & Dizu Kudu Horn Band
African and European Early and Contemporary Music
performed on traditional / period instruments

 CD cover

With music by Uccellini, Kapsperger, Bach, Telemann,
as well as Huyssen, Plaatjies and Matotiyona,
this album is an abundantly diverse compilation
of European Baroque and traditional African works,
all performed on Period Instruments
and presented against the backdrop
of the Cape's unique floral kindom - the Fynbos.

Additional CD-ROM interface with Fynbos video and slideshow,
botanical information, environmental weblinks, etc.

Fynbos Calling (ISBN: 0-620-31302-1)
mucavi records, 2004

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With music carefully compiled for its 'Fynbos qualities' (richly diverse, crisply textured, hardy, indigenous...) this CD is packaged in a beautifully designed 64-page hardcover booklet. It contains articles by the well known South African botanists Richard Cowling and Dave Richardson, reflections on the traditional relationship of music and plants by African musician Dizu Plaatjies, an essay on the more specific relationship of Fynbos and musical expression by composer Hans Huyssen, as well as a visionary essay by producer Johann Kotze. Detailed notes on the musical works as well as the musical instruments are also included.
This album highlights and responds to South Africa's endemic diversity, focussing on the Southern Cape's coastal region and indulging in this area's highly diverse cultural and environmental heritage. While it invites the listener and reader to marvel at the diversity of both the music and the plants, it simultaneously pleads to recognize, appreciate and, moreover, actively conserve these rare and unique assets.
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